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Full House Cast Reunites, Sings Show’s Theme Song

Jeff Franklin is the guy who created the TV show Full House, and over the weekend, he had a birthday. At his birthday party, the full cast of Full House, except for the Olsen twins, got up on stage and sang the show’s theme song together.  As you can imagine, […]


He’s Halfway To A Pizza Delivery Porsche

Remember this guy? His name is Jarrid Tansey, and things have gotten much better for him recently! After getting stiffed on a tip, then hassled, berated, and dealing with threats to get fired and assaulted, someone decided that he deserved a little better than that. Saying that they “think Jerrid […]

Catastrophic Personal Failure and Vehicular Injury

All I wanted was the Findlay legend, the Special from Wilson’s. As Thomas the Train would say, I was ready for my special. SO i hopped in my van and headed up the road, but something was notsomuch right. Sudden loss of oil pressure, smoke, stink… better shut it down. […]

Everybody Does It In Their Own Way. What Will Be Yours?

Today is the Great American Smokeout, and for millions of smokers, it’ll be their first step toward their last smoke. There are so many factors that can lead to the decision to quit, whether it’s the health impacts of smoking, or even the economic impacts, the desire to quit is […]


You Can’t Tell Me Winnebegos Aren’t Cool

Just like in Eric Church’s song “Talladega,” it seems like someone in everyone’s family had one of those white Winnebegos with the big green W on the side, right? While RV trends have tilted quite a bit into the luxury bus segment more than the fun “get in and go” […]