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Contest Entry Hall Of Fame

Sometimes all it takes is a little dose of honesty. Right now, you can win a trip to see Blake Shelton next week, just for saying something nice about your sweetie at This morning, I was sifting through the entries, and I found one that was so honest, that […]


Unless you can live for a week out of only what you can squeeze into a carry on bag and “personal item” that are allowed on planes, you’ll eventually have to pony up some cash to check your bags. Fees vary, but can easily creep into the hundreds if you’re […]


I Got Hit By A Truck

On my 18th birthday, I took delivery of my first non-VW. In fact, every time I’ve owned a non-VW, the universe has had something to say about it. A few years after the escapade that you’re about to read, I had a Chevy Beretta, and it got broken into. My […]

Fall Asleep And Not Miss A Thing With Netflix Socks

A few months back, Netflix came out with a handy DIY guide to building the ultimate mood setter for anyone who likes to “Netflix and Chill:” the Netflix button. Push it, and it automatically dims the lights, orders take out, silences the notifications on your phone, and fires up Netflix. […]


Steve Harvey Announces WRONG Winner for Miss Universe

Remember those old Southwest Airlines commercials that ended with “Wanna get away?” That’s how Steve Harvey is feeling today, along with Miss Columbia. That poor girl stood there for almost a FULL MINUTE waving and awkwardly wondering what happens next, while a producer grabs Harvey and explains the error that […]

pieface pic

Let The Pie-Facing Begin

Lose “Beauty & The Beast” and you’ll pay the pie price, as Doug Jenkins learned the hard way!


Roller Coaster Proposal

If I’m honest, when you’ve grown up around Cedar Point, it’s tough to find any other amusement parks fun. With so many of the biggest and fastest rides, it’s easy to be spoiled. One couple found a way to make the “The Voyage” at Holiday World in Indiana just as […]


You’ll Probably Judge Me For This, But I Still Dig It

I watched this video and got goosebumps, the hair on my neck stood up, and in my head I shouted “THAT’S MY JAM!!!” Then I realized I was getting  pumped and shouting about a Taylor Swift concert. BUT… she brought out Alanis! They did “You Oughta Know!” She didn’t censor […]

He’s Still Blake, He’s Just Having One Of Those Weeks

Brad Paisley: “I come in here, I’m not drunk, so I think that’ll be a change for the show.” Blake Shelton: “You’re gonna have to do something about that.” Blake Shelton is Blake Shelton, no matter what the circumstances. Engaging, funny, but a little lighter on the left ring finger […]

Video Game Skills Pay Off In Real Life… Sometimes

When I was a kid I played a lot of video games, and one of my favorites was Flight Simulator. It was (at least at that time) a pretty complex game, actually it ws a straight up simulator more than it was a game, and I could never figure out […]