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Nightmare Sauce

If you hate sleep, this is a good thing for you, because there’s a decent chance you’ll never be able to again. One night a few months ago, Doug sent me a pic of Jigsaw and his farmous “Wanna play a game?” line, and I’ve never felt safe since. I […]


Sam Hunt “Cop Car”

One of my favorite things is to hear different versions of songs that have become huge hits. Keith Urban recorded “Cop Car” and it went on to be huge for him, but the guy who REALLY benefitted is the writer, Sam Hunt. He’s gone on to enjoy his own success […]


Ask And Ye Shall Receive, Indeed

When you’re Pope Francis, you do not go out to get pizza. When you’re Pope Francis, the pizza comes to you. Apparently he said something about wanting to be able to go out and get a pizza without being recognized, and a pizza maker in Naples thought he should help […]


Sam Hunt’s Video for “Take Your Time”

It’s possible that I’m not very smart. This is a great, not just good, video. Hugely poignant, beautifully shot, and it even makes Sam Hunt the hero, but I’m not sure that I get how it has anything to do with the song. Does it have to have anything to […]


Tim McGraw on Repeat After Me

One of the great things about the superstars in Country music is that not many of them take it all too seriously. Everybody knows about the antics of guys like Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley, but Tim McGraw is a guy with a great sense of humor, too. A couple […]


CMA Music Festival Lineup

One of the coolest things about living where we live is that we’re just a short drive from a whole lot of cool stuff. Want to go to the beach? Start driving when you roll out of bed, and you’re seaside by dinner. Too flat? Put the kids in the […]


Garth Brooks In Detroit

My buddy Justin is one lucky dude. He’s one of these guys that just has good things happen to him. I could tell you all the stories, like one time high school when one of our football games was on TV. Despite the fact that we lost 52-12 and singlehandedly […]


The Main Drain

Let’s be honest: You want a urinal in your house. If you’re like me, you want it in your garage. Whether you’re a guy, or share a house with one, a urinal would solve lots of problems. Everything from “PUT THE SEAT DOWN’ to the, ahem, aiming, situation would be […]


Save Money, Insult Me.

Well thank you very much to the nice people at Grocery IQ, not so much for making the app, but for making the app and then insulting me. See, many moons ago, Doug and I came up with the idea to create an app that would organize your grocery list […]


Jimmy Fallon Reunites “Saved By The Bell” Cast and it’s GLORIOUS!

Below you’ll find proof of 3 things: 1) The internet isn’t always evil 2) Jimmy Fallon is a legend at the top of his game 3) Aging is something that just doesn’t happen in Hollywood