HEY! Who That There?

I’ll tell you what: I think my Lady Antebellum fandom lately is bordering on geekdom.

It might be because I was at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville a couple weeks ago and got to see them do “You Look Good” in kind of a stripped down way at Country Music’s Mother Church.

Full disclosure: that’s not my video, I was standing up in the balcony because I don’t fit in the church pews at The Ryman. Apparently they weren’t made for people with actual legs. It was a radio-industry event where it wasn’t really cool to shoot video, so I didn’t, but I’m not above showing you someone else’s! Thanks to the Morning Hangover for posting it.

Maybe that’s why I’m digging on them so much. Maybe it’s because they’re finally back after they were “on a break,” which we all know doesn’t often end well:



…or maybe it’s because they seem to be taking themselves a lot less seriously these days. For awhile, it seemed like all we got from these three were heavy ballads, slow sleepy stuff that was supposed to give you “the feels” as long as “the feels” wasn’t fun.

Now, we get fun! Check ’em out on Kimmell last night:

Jimmy Buffet has Parrotheads, Chesney has the No Shoes Nation, and I don’t know what Lady Antbellum’s nerds are called, but I think I’m one!