Luke Rausch and Why Can’t I Work Technology

Can I make a confession? We’ll still be friends if I did something stupid, right?

So Luke Rausch from Nashville Crush stopped by to debut some new music from his first solo album,  which is pretty cool of him to do because those guys are all so busy all the time. You know what would be even cooler? If I had been able to take video of him here in the studio. Instead, I forgot to go clear the memory space on my phone to shoot enough video, so I wasn’t able to make it happen.

The GOOD news though, is that you can check out the full audio of the song and interview on the right side of the page where it says “Luke Rausch In Studio,” but do yourself one better and get to Meadowbrook Park Ballroom tonight. That’s where Luke will be on stage, just him and a guitar, playing songs from his album. Sean Williams and Eric Sowers will be there too, and then Jason Michael Carroll will do his acoustic show where he gives you hits like “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead,” “Where I’m From,” “Alyssa Lies,” and more PLUS the stories that go along with them.

Sorry about the lack of video… I’ll make up for it tomorrow when Nashville Crush stops by!