Natalie Stovall on The Voice

It was a monsoon, and I remember standing on the stage, using my feet to hold a tarp down over the drums as 40 mile per hour winds and sideways rain worked to ruin everything. After the rain ended, the temperatures dropped through the 50s, and by the time Natalie Stovall and her band, The Drive, took to the stage at the Hancock County Fairgrounds, it was teetering on the 40s.

I remember thinking there was no way anyone who played an instrument that required fingers would be able to function, but Natalie proved me wrong when she broke out her fiddle and played “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” so ridiculously fast that Charlie Daniels himself would’ve shouted some kind of surprised obscenity if he had been there.

That was in 2012 when Natalie was opening for Phil Vassar in Findlay, and since then, she’s been back through our neck of the woods dozens of times, and she told me that Findlay has a very special place in her heart because it was here in Findlay that Natalie had her first sold-out show.

In June, she decided to take a shot at auditioning for a spot on NBC’s The Voice, and she wasn’t even halfway through her song when Blake Shelton turned his chair, and claimed her for Team Blake.

As she moves into the battle rounds, she took a few minutes to jump on the phone and talk about the experience and what she’s looking forward to.

natalie part 1

natalie part 2

While we’re not exactly sure when Natalie’s battle round will air, you can catch The Voice on NBC tonight, tomorrow, and next Monday and Tuesday, and you can grab the song she used for her blind audition on iTunes here!