The Good Stuff – A Community For Loren

Northern California has been on everyone’s minds the last few weeks as the wildfires continue to destroy, but there are some good news stories coming out of the devastation. 9-year-old Loren Smith is a big baseball fan, and he had a huge collection of memorabilia. 17 jerseys, hundreds of cards, 10 hats, a ball signed by everyone on his favorite team, the Oakland A’s, but he lost it all when his family’s Santa Rosa home burned down.

Loren wrote a letter to the A’s about all the stuff he lost, and the response has been pretty awesome.

After a local reporter shared the letter, a bunch of A’s fans asked about sending THEIR memorabilia to replace the stuff he lost, and other teams have gotten involved to. The A’s, Rockies, Rays, and Tigers have already sent stuff, and players from around major league baseball have been autographing stuff to send Loren. Even Topps, the baseball card company, has been putting together stuff to send him. They’re calling it A Community For Loren, and if you want to add to it, you can send items to The Oakland Athletics, Attn: A’s Community for Loren, 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA  94621.

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