The Good Stuff – Sepp Shirley

It seems like just about every football season has a story like this, there’s a young man with some kind of condition that keeps him from playing high school football, sure they’re on the team, but they’re never really in the game. Then, the coach sets it all up so that the players won’t tackle him, and he scores a touchdown, and it’s a big feel good. That’s a lot of this story, but not all of it.


Sepp Shirley is a senior at Atlee High School in Virginia, and he loves football. But Sepp has Cerebral Palsy, and uses crutches to help him walk. He’s been on Atlee’s team, been to every game, but hasn’t seen action because you can’t play football on crutches, but Sepp decided he wanted to try it. He talked about it with his dad, he talked about it with his coach, and they sent word to the other team that the kids could tackle him, he was fair game, just like any other player.


But when Sepp got the ball, they didn’t tackle him. In fact the first time, the quarterback handed Sepp the ball, he took two steps and fell down. He was determined to score though, so he lined up again. Got the ball, and even though they were told they could tackle him, the other team did the opposite. They cheered him on, jogged beside him and clapped for him, as Sepp rumbled 80 yards without his crutches, for a touchdown.


When he got to the goal line, he was exhausted and dove into the waiting arms of his teammates. Pretty cool. Even with all the brutality kids see happening in the world, they still took an opportunity to show some human kindness, and that’s The Good Stuff for today.

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Here’s the video of Sepp’s epic TD run!