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Rain Rain, Go Away

Findlay is no stranger to inopportune weather. All kinds of storms take over the town, whether it’s snow storms that make it nearly impossible to drive to the corner without sliding off the road, or rain storms that make it impossible to drive all together. Although we are fortunate that storms are not an every […]


Earworm of the Moment

No, I don’t actually have worms in my ears…an earworm is a song that you simply can’t get out of your head. Whenever this happens to me, I try everything to stop humming it, stop singing it, and to stop thinking about it. Rarely am I successful. At the moment my earworm is, without a […]


McComb Fireworks

One of the best parts of the Forth of July are the fireworks. Seeing all the bright colors and shapes in the sky bring the biggest smile to my face. Besides being absolutely beautiful, they are also great memory makers. When I look back at the pictures of fireworks I’ve taken for various Fourth of […]