Earworm of the Moment

No, I don’t actually have worms in my ears…an earworm is a song that you simply can’t get out of your head. Whenever this happens to me, I try everything to stop humming it, stop singing it, and to stop thinking about it. Rarely am I successful.

At the moment my earworm is, without a doubt, Jon Pardi’s “Heartache On The Dance Floor”. To be honest, I actually shuffle between this song and Justin Moore’s “Somebody Else Will”, but Pardi’s hit seems to stick around a little longer. Why “Heartache On The Dance Floor”? I’m not certain, but I haven’t been able to stop singing it for days. This past weekend alone, I think I sung the lyrics “Where you at, where you at, where you at tonight?” at least 100 times (my boyfriend goes in stages where he thinks it’s funny to incredibly annoyed…sorry, babe!).

Part of the reason why I can’t get it out of my head is because I’m fascinated with Pardi’s voice. He has a voice from country music’s past, in my opinion. In the music video for “Heartache On The Dance Floor”, he seems a little shy in front of the camera…almost like he would rather not do the video in the first place. I appreciate that. He doesn’t seem to be in country music for the glamorous side, but rather for it’s roots, which are the music and the message.

Apart from Pardi himself, the song is incredibly catchy and upbeat, despite it’s lyrics. As soon as I hear it, I start to tap my feet and move my head around. I can’t get enough of it. Every time I play it on air, I dance around in the studio…but in the most discreet way as possible since I’m surrounded by windows.

So until another earworm pops in my head, Jon Pardi’s “Heartache On The Dance Floor” will be moving through my mind. Hopefully, my boyfriend won’t mind too much!