Rain Rain, Go Away

Findlay is no stranger to inopportune weather. All kinds of storms take over the town, whether it’s snow storms that make it nearly impossible to drive to the corner without sliding off the road, or rain storms that make it impossible to drive all together. Although we are fortunate that storms are not an every day occurrence, they still have dire consequences when they do decide to show up.

I was lucky enough to attend both the Heavenly Pizza customer appreciation day and the Tunes N Trains Country Concert last Saturday. By the happiness that was spread around and the willingness everyone had to help others out, an outsider would never know that a flood had taken over the town just 24 hours earlier. It was really amazing to see a city not bogged down with sadness, but rather a city that was willing to do what they had to do in order to move forward with their lives…all while eating delicious pizza.

So the next time a major storm threatens to shut down the entire city, remember all the support around you…whether it be the neighbors down the street, the organizations doing what they can to provide food, shelter, and aid, or the radio station making your day a little better with songs you love and a friendly voice to listen to.