The Winter Blues

Warning: This is going to be an anti-winter post. If winter is a source of joy for you (seriously, how?!?), then this is not the post for you. If you can’t stand Winter just as much as me and want to know if it’s for the same reasons as me…then read on!

Winter, in my opinion, is only good for two things. One being Christmas, and two being my birthday (vain, I know, but I do love my birthday). Other than that, there is nothing good about winter. It is the biggest pain to deal with (both mentally and physically). First of all, winter can add so much extra time to your commute, which is extremely frustrating. Let’s say you have to go to the grocery store. Well, if you’re not parked in a garage and it’s snowing, you now have to spend a few extra minutes scrapping all the snow off your car. Hopefully there’s not ice on your windshield, because that just adds even more time! Even if you are parked in a garage, you still need to shovel  your driveway in order to get out. Plus your car needs to heat up! All that extra time…so annoying. Then there’s driving itself. Sliding all over the place on black ice, having to drive slower because of the weather, ice falling off semis and smashing your windshield (I’m especially bitter about that because it just happened to me). Travel plans can go out the window at any time because of harsh winter weather. Driving in the winter is such a hassle, it just makes me want to bundle up on the couch and watch The King of Queens until Spring (actually, to be honest, I would do that in any season).

Then there’s the beating your body takes during winter. Chances are, you and everyone you see on a day-to-day basis has been sick this winter. That’s because winter wants to bring you as much pain and suffering as possible. Hands and faces get extremely dry in the winter, which causes incredible pain. Even the simple task of walking to the end of your driveway to get the newspaper can be scary. Having to get bundled up, hoping you don’t fall on ice or lose a toe from frostbite, is no fun for anyone. To me, it’s physically painful to walk in the winter. My shoulders tense up, I can never get warm, and my head feels like I have the biggest brain-freeze going on.

All in all, winter is the Devil’s play toy. It’s like that annoying person that randomly shows up at a party, and they seem okay at first, but now they’ve completely overstayed their welcome. Nothing good can come of winter (except the two previously mentioned events). Even today, as I look out my window and see snow falling, I am filled with nothing but rage. Sure it’s pretty to look at, but what’s not pretty to look at are all the car accidents I’ll come across on my drive home because of the snow and harsh driving conditions, hoping I don’t become one of them.

I guess my biggest piece of advice to help you get through this horrible season is try not to let winter get you down like it’s done to me. Enjoy what you can, and remember…we only have a few more months of it left!