Who’s Up For A Game?

It seems like whenever I go to a bridal shower or a baby shower, games always factor in. I roll my eyes at a lot of them, just because they’re pretty cheesy (do we really need to waste time doing a word scramble of “wedding words” like bouquet, reception, and honeymoon?!). Recently, however, I thought of a game that actually might be pretty entertaining to play, and is a great way to learn something new.

Old Dominion’s “Song For Another Time” is a fantastic song. I love that it’s almost entirely made up of other performers’ song titles and verses, yet it still sends a clear message. So….here’s the game. Print out the lyrics to “Song For Another Time”, and see who can correctly guess which lyrics come from other songs and who sings them. Whoever gets the most correct gets a prize.

For example: The chorus to “Song For Another Time” by Old Dominion starts out like this

“Let’s be brown eyed girl sweet Caroline
Free fall small town Saturday night…”

Brown eyed girl=Van Morrison’s song “Brown Eyed Girl”

Sweet Caroline=Neal Diamond’s song “Sweet Caroline”

Free fall is from Tom Petty’s song “Free Fallin'”, and small town Saturday night is from Hal Katchum’s “Small Town Saturday Night”. You would continue doing that with the rest of the lyrics.

So that would be the game. It would be a fun way for people to remember songs they may have forgotten, or introduce them to a song they may have never heard. There are sources online that do give the exact references, so even if you don’t know them all, you’ll have all the answers. Plus, your guests won’t dread shower games (trust me…NO ONE wants to eat melted chocolate out of a diaper and guess which candy bar it is, or drink from a bottle).