Eric Church has rolled out a new image to go along with his new album, The Outsiders. The singer has put aside his trademark baseball hat and even sometimes his dark glasses to make sure people know he’s move beyond his 2011 platinum-selling Chief record.

Eric tells us: “The Chief image, sunglasses and all that, has always been . . . I liken it very much to what athletes go through when they put on a uniform. I don’t have to have the hat or shades or anything to do what I do, but that’s become a part of what gets me ready for the show. Now, what I wanted to show the difference in is that singular Chief image that became so synonymous with that album. I wanted to show the turning of the page there. That’s where the hat came off — the sunglasses are still there — but it’s just a different image and that’s where the pluralism comes from. It’s showing the fans and everybody else that this is not Chief part two. When I play on stage there’s gonna be probably a variation. I don’t know, but still that’s where I get myself in a mindset to go give the show that I think fans want from us. That’s probably nuts if that’s the case, but that’s me.”

Eric is in the Top Five on the country charts with “Give Me Back My Hometown.”