Little Big Town will release the debut single from their upcoming sixth studio album in just a few days. The song is called “Day Drinking,” and it will be available for download on June 3rd, the same day it arrives at Country radio.

“Day Drinking” was written by Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, Jimi Westbrook, Phillip Sweet and co-writers Barry Dean and Troy Verges.

Karen and Jimi tell us they instantly knew it had to be the first single. [“We wrote ‘Day Drinking,’ gosh, how many months ago? (Jimi) It was probably close to a year ago. (Kimberly) Yeah, close to a year. (Karen) We, I don’t know, it’s just like so much fun, and then we thought this is going to lead the record. I mean, we, just right off the bat, we thought this song should lead the record. We were that confident about it. Then when we were making the record with Jay (Joyce), it still felt like it should lead the record. We were trying not to talk about it too much, because we thought we’ve got to see how it all plays out. (Jimi) We were excited. (laughs) (Karen) And the reason why it needs to lead the record is it’s fun; it’s . . . (Jimi) It’s bold. . . . (Karen) (It’s) bold, it’s loud. You should turn this one up loud, and you should turn the whole record up loud and have a good time. It is a good indication of where the whole record goes.”] SOUNDCUE (:50 OC: . . . whole record goes.)

Little Big Town returned to Watertown, Tennessee, the location of their award-winning video for their Number One hit, “Tornado,” to film a teaser video for the new single and the forthcoming album. …read more