Like any good husband, Thomas Rhett aims to please his wife, even if it means having to endure some of her favorite shows on TV. For Thomas, however, it’s usually not much of a hardship.

He tells us he actually likes some of shows and movies that are more geared to women. “I definitely have to watch The Bachelor when it comes on. Any TV show that Lauren likes, she really enjoys me sittin’ down beside her and watching it, so I’ll, I’ll pretend I’m into it. But luckily I’m a big chick flick kind of guy. I don’t mind watchin’ Nicolas Sparks movies like Safe Haven, or The Notebook, or A Walk to Remember. It’s kinda crazy I know all these titles, but, you know, they’re, I mean I’m a fan of those kinds of movies and so it’s really easy to kinda sit down and watch those with her.”

Thomas continues on his headlining club tour in support of his debut album, It Goes Like This.

He’s racing up the charts with his latest single, “Get Me Some of That.”