Several Renovation Projects At Municipal Building Finished

3/20/17 – 5:36 A.M.

The city has finished parts of a four-year, $550,000 renovation project in the Findlay Municipal Building. The Courier reports changes appear subtle to the general public, but make operations in the building smoother. The police records department is now on the third floor. The police chief and detectives are now on the ground floor. The Findlay Municipal Court and most of its reconfigured office space take up most of the building’s second floor.

Dave Beach is the city’s director of court services. He says drug testing is now done in a private restroom. Employees must buzz visitors in to see probation officers, as they and other areas are key-card protected. The attorney-client meeting rooms are in separate, private compartments behind locked doors.

The next phase of the remodeling project includes turning an empty room in a new courtroom. The city hopes to hire a magistrate to work in that courtroom. The magistrate would handle arraignments and fines.

The city only used $50,000 of general fund money for the project. Court fees earmarked for improvements paid for the rest.

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