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Breakfast Cereal

  Ten best breakfast cereals …according to Buzzfeed.  I don’t see ..Sugar Smacks. Fruity Pebbles Life Reese’s Puffs Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frosted Mini Wheats Cap’n Crunch Lucky Charms Cocoa Puffs Frosted Flakes Krave    

Blake Shelton during the lip sync contest….

I think Blake will end up on Dancing with the stars someday.

Meet Blake…I mean Stephen.

Hey everybody meet Stephen our new manager!

Garth Flashback

This is from 1994 when Garth becomes the 5th member of KISS on the Tonight Show.

Not so fast…

I have tried to be a DJ at a couple of parties…not easy to make everyone happy. Four jobs you think you can do.

Benefits of having a sarcastic best friend….

1.They have an internalized phoniness detector unlike any other. 2.You have no choice but to be yourself with them. 3.Together you poke fun at anyone and anything. 4.You have someone to help you constantly mess with people. 5.As well as someone to deal with the surprised reactions afterward. 6.You can be as gross as you want to be around them. 7.Nobody finishes your sentences like they do. 8.Sometimes, they’re the only ones bold enough to question your life choices. 9.They’re the only ones who tell you how it is.

About Me:

Where did you grow up?  I grew up on a small farm just south of Rawson.

Do you have any siblings?  I have twin brothers that are four years younger than me.

When did you know you wanted to be on the radio?  I knew in the 8th grade. Mike McKitrick who at the time was the morning man on WFIN came to my English class to talk about a career in radio.

Do you have any nick names?  My nickname in high school was “Red”  My hair used to be red… when I had hair.

What is your favorite sport?  Football at all levels

Favorite food?  BBQ and Chinese

Favorite car?  1998 Mustang GT Convertible

Favorite Findlay food?   Fern Cafe Meatloaf sandwich

Favorite Country Artist?  George Strait, the coolest of the cool.