Everyone knows a Sheldon…

Attention all Big Bang Theory fans: If your group of friends contains a Sheldon Cooper-type, then–bazinga!–you’ll probably be very familiar with Buzzfeed’s list of 20 signs you have a Sheldon in your social circle. Here are several telltale signs from their list (check the link for the full list):

They always have additional facts about books, movies or TV shows.
They correct your grammar even when they’re not involved in your conversation.
They get annoyed when others talk about something they have no knowledge of.
They get too involved with games and always want people to stick to the rules.
They hate being proven wrong.
They dominate any conversation they’re a part of.
Conversations come to a grinding halt around them, because they give long-winded explanations to whatever the topic at hand is.
They hate being introduced as “the encyclopedia.”
Their favorite phrase is, “Actually…”
They can barely read or watch something without giving their creative criticisms on it.

There seems to be a Sheldon in every group…