Favorite George Strait songs…

Here is how they rank as far as downloads


1. The Chair

2. Amarillo By Morning

3. I Cross My Heart

4. I Hate Everything

5. You Look So Good In Love

6. Ocean Front Property

7. All My Ex’s Live In Texas

8. Baby Blue

9. Love Without End, Amen

10. Ace In The Hole

11. You Can’t Make A Heart Love Somebody

12. Check Yes Or No

13. Write This Down

14. I Can Still Make Cheyenne

15. Carrying Your Love With Me

16. Today My World Slipped Away

17. I Just Want To Dance With You

18. The Best Day

19. Run

20. She’ll Leave You With A Smile

21. You’re Something Special To Me

22. Murder On Music Row (with Alan Jackson)

23. Fool Hearted Memory

24. Famous Last Words Of A Fool

25. Give It Away

26. The Breath You Take

27. I Saw God Today

28. Give It All We’ve Got Tonight

29. Let’s Fall To Pieces Together

30. The Cowboy Rides AwayGeorge Strait