Roseanne’s Reflections

Do You Even Know What Your Name Means?

Ever asked your parents why they named you the name you have? I asked my mom when I was in grade school. She said, “Well Rose is from you Great Aunt Rosie and Anna is your Grandma’s name. Put those two names together and you get Roseanna. It’s nice knowing the reason behind it. I dug a little deeper online and came across this website Urban Dictionary where you can find a detailed description of your name and what it means. This is what mine read. Roseanna When she loves she loves so deep. She has a very big heart. She […]

Music Videos Galore!

It seems like all this week was new premieres of music videos! From Miranda and Carrie, Little Big Town, and Tim and Faith. All these new music videos really relate to what the song is about. Especially Tim and Faith’s video that make you want to go over to there house and have a glass of ice tea with them. Miranda and Carrie…well…. it just shows that good girls can be a little bad sometimes. Take a look! Miranda Lambert – Somethin’ Bad ft. Carrie Underwood Little Big Town – Day Drinking Tim McGraw – Meanwhile Back At Mama’s ft. […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s including mine!

Jim Carrey’s Commencement Speech

We all know by now when it comes to a college commencement there is that one speaker who either is  famous (Oprah) or famous enough who has made an impact on society to spread some wisdom to the fellow graduates. Jim Carrey who we all know is the funny, crazy, off the wall of a an actor really spoke from the heart this past weekend at Maharishi University of Management’s class in Fairfield, Iowa. Really saying, “All there will ever be is what’s happening here.” I love how in just a few words someone can change your perspective, which in turn could change your […]

Work Out Videos….. We All Have Them

I bet most of us in our video collection at home have a few workout videos. The Yoga video, P90x, Zumba, Pilates, etc. Out of those workout videos how many times have you used them? I am guilty of that. I go and buy  the Dancing with the Stars work out DVD and maybe played it once or twice. At first you feel motivated and excited because it’s a dance workout video till you play it and you just think this is too many steps to remember. I remember when my mom would by workout videos (maybe that’s where I got my video buying […]

Tallest Waterslide EVER! Do you Dare???

In Kansas City there is a waterslide like no other! It’s the tallest in the entire world, has officially been put on hold after test riders (plastic dummies) allegedly caught some serious air. Like no one saw this coming. Ever since plans for the gigantic waterslide Verrückt were announced, people get firmly divided further into two categories: “Hell yes, I want to ride this!” and “Oh, dear God, no thanks.”   Watch this video > The Verrückt in Kansas City  

About Me

I was born and raised in Fremont. Grew up with a wonderful mom, dad, and even though I wanted a sister I got my brother Tom who I grew to love. (At least I didn’t have to worry about him stealing my makeup or clothes). Went to SJCC where I discovered my nitch for performing. I was in theatre, flag corp, and choir. It was in choir class where I discovered what I wanted to do in my life, be in broadcasting! The day after graduation I moved to Cleveland for school and from there I found my way to Findlay. It’s been a good time since!
Brad Paisley. His songs are just fun to listen to! They make me laugh (Celebrity), make me sing in my car (American Saturday Night), and make me want to slow dance (Little Moments).
“No Hurry” by Zac Brown Band. That song just always puts me in that vacation state of mind. Where I am on a tropical beach, toes in the sand, drink in my hand, and in “No Hurry.”
I love to sing and dance. Painting is something that not a lot of people see me do, let’s say it’s therapeutic. Pinterest and a glass of wine are always a fun time!