Roseanne’s Reflections

Rainy Days= Baking

Today is such a rainy day where you feel like all you want to do is curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch a good movie. Then you think you wish you can be a little more productive just so you don’t feel such a couch potato. I always think baking to be that great solution. This morning I woke up, drank my coffee, and said I am going to make peach cobbler. That is what I did. Cobbler is that warm sweet of deliciousness what once you get it out of the oven all you want to do is scoop […]

Country Stars Rapping????

Some stars know it better then others but if this doesn’t make you laugh or smile for a Monday I don’t know what will. Shout out to Hunter Hayes for his beatboxing skills!

Family Reunions

I believe it happens around this time of year when all the family reunions start to take place. Do you have just one or is it two or more? Do you have a family reunion? When I was a kid I believe I went to 4 reunions in one summer. Three on my mom’s side and just one on my dad’s.  My dad’s side of the family so easy going and chill. We all can just sit in a lawn chair and start great conversations. My mom’s side WAYYYYYY opposite (It’s okay for me to say that because I can be one of the loud crazy […]

What Are the Best Memorial Day Lawn Games?

Memorial Day is supposed to be a holiday where Americans pause to remember fallen soldiers. But in practice, it’s a day where Americans pause to barbecue, drink and play goofy games on their lawns. To that end, Uproxx polled its contributors to come up with this list of the best Memorial Day lawn games, the most popular of which–by a wide margin–was cornhole: Horseshoes Bocce Cornhole Beer Pong Burning an Acoustic Guitar and Some Spare Lawn Furniture in the Fire Pit While Drinking Vodka with “Viking” in the Title. What Is The Greatest Lawn Game For Memorial Weekend?: I think […]

Taylor Swift Premieres Star-Studded “Bad Blood” Video

I’ts pretty sweet when you can call up your friends and have them be in a music video for you. It’s good to be Taylor Swiftt. I’m actually a little scared of her now watching that video. Kicks and flips beware! After weeks of teasing, Taylor Swift has dropped the star-studded new video for her latest single “Bad Blood.“ Premiering on the Billboard Music Awards telecast last night, the Joseph Khan-directed video opens with femme fatales Catastrophe and Arsyn–played brilliantly by Taylor and Selena Gomez–as they attempt to secure a package. However, the tables turn when Arsyn turns on Catastrophe […]

TV Show Finale

It’s a sad time right now in television land knowing a lot of our favorite shows are ending their season this week. TV shows like Nashville, American Idol, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and tonight my favorite show the Blacklist. Have you seen it? If you haven’t I would start watching the first season on Netflix and get caught up. I know when I watch it tonight and get gets closer to the end I will start to yell at the television for making it end the way I think it will end. That’s what happened last season. I yelled at the TV and […]

About Me

I was born and raised in Fremont. Grew up with a wonderful mom, dad, and even though I wanted a sister I got my brother Tom who I grew to love. (At least I didn’t have to worry about him stealing my makeup or clothes). Went to SJCC where I discovered my nitch for performing. I was in theatre, flag corp, and choir. It was in choir class where I discovered what I wanted to do in my life, be in broadcasting! The day after graduation I moved to Cleveland for school and from there I found my way to Findlay. It’s been a good time since!
Brad Paisley. His songs are just fun to listen to! They make me laugh (Celebrity), make me sing in my car (American Saturday Night), and make me want to slow dance (Little Moments).
“No Hurry” by Zac Brown Band. That song just always puts me in that vacation state of mind. Where I am on a tropical beach, toes in the sand, drink in my hand, and in “No Hurry.”
I love to sing and dance. Painting is something that not a lot of people see me do, let’s say it’s therapeutic. Pinterest and a glass of wine are always a fun time!