Roseanne’s Reflections

Wedding Mania!!!

It’s seriously crunch time in preparing for Josh and I’s wedding. Trying to make sure we secured everything with our vendors, making sure the bridal party ordered there attire, and that I didn’t leave anyone out when it comes to the guest list! I don’t want my Aunt Kitty to go to my Grandma and say, “Why didn’t I get an invite”? She would do that. Luckily I have a mom that knows how to organize our family. She has a excel spreadsheet where she has everyone’s address, phone number, and how many people are in the family. She keeps it for […]

Green Thumb

I think I might have started a new hobby after last weekend. My Fiancé for Easter bought me two different kinds of lilies that I love for me to plant. The Wild Tiger lilies and the Calla lilies. Over the past weekend I went to the store bought new dirt and a hand shovel and off I planted away. I thought to myself, “This is cool”. I don’t think I will be an extreme gardener but to put some potted plants around my house I can do it.

Happy National Sibling Day!

Its National Sibling Day- so now would be the time to say how much you love them and to apologize for all the horrible things you did to your brothers and sisters. I have only one younger brother named Tom. When Tom was born and I found out from Grandma that I had a brother. I was SOOOOO upset stomping my feet around Grandma and Grandpa’s house saying, “I DON’T WANT A BROTHER…..I WANT A SISTER”! I just wanted to play dolls with a sister. That’s it. Then somehow I ended up going to the hospital to visit him with my […]

Parental or Grandparental Advice You’ll Never Forget!

Do you have any words of wisdom your parents or anyone gave you that you always hold on to? Does your mom giving you advice about love or your father giving you advice on how to handle your money or how to fix something up? My Grandma Marge passed away 16 years ago as of last month. She was my inspiration of how I wanted to carry myself through life. A woman who was well respected and well loved by all. She showed it well back to others. Helping people in any way possible, being a shoulder to cry on, […]

Homemade Goodness! nom nom nom

There is nothing like homemade food! Homemade food that makes you feel good, cozy, and at home. There’s that quote, “Nothing like your mom’s home cooking!” It’s true! Anytime my mom makes her candy sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving or Christmas I swear I could eat it all! Buttery sweet potatoes covers with a marshmallow crust on top. It’s like heavens choir singing! I have attempted to make them myself but it just doesn’t taste the same. Another homemade goodness that makes my food soul complete is my Aunt Judy’s homemade strawberry jam! It started out with my grandma always making it for […]

Kenny Chesney BACK out on the road!

What a way to kick off your birthday and a tour then to celebrate with friends, family, and THOUSANDS of fans! Kenny Chesney kicked off his Big Revival Tour last night in Nashville. He sang a total of 37 songs and had many special appearances from Uncle Kracker, Grace Potter, Joe Walsh, and Taylor Swift. Can’t forget about Jake Owen and Chase Rice as the opening acts putting out great performances. Check out when Kenny will be rolling around here this summer by clicking HERE. Here’s a little clip from last night of Kenny and Taylor singing “Big Star” (Little girl in […]

About Me

I was born and raised in Fremont. Grew up with a wonderful mom, dad, and even though I wanted a sister I got my brother Tom who I grew to love. (At least I didn’t have to worry about him stealing my makeup or clothes). Went to SJCC where I discovered my nitch for performing. I was in theatre, flag corp, and choir. It was in choir class where I discovered what I wanted to do in my life, be in broadcasting! The day after graduation I moved to Cleveland for school and from there I found my way to Findlay. It’s been a good time since!
Brad Paisley. His songs are just fun to listen to! They make me laugh (Celebrity), make me sing in my car (American Saturday Night), and make me want to slow dance (Little Moments).
“No Hurry” by Zac Brown Band. That song just always puts me in that vacation state of mind. Where I am on a tropical beach, toes in the sand, drink in my hand, and in “No Hurry.”
I love to sing and dance. Painting is something that not a lot of people see me do, let’s say it’s therapeutic. Pinterest and a glass of wine are always a fun time!