01/09/17 Music Crush Monday

When you hear Kenny Chesney’s music, you can feel the sunshine hitting you right on your face. He takes you to places where you don’t want to leave. That’s exactly with his song, “Bar at the end of the World.” Written by J.T. Harding, Aimee Mayo, and David Lee Murphy is taking a girl to a seaside saloon. It’s a song knowing there’s a place you can always come back to. It’s like your favorite vacation spot, place to eat, or your own oasis.

We all have our place and it’s nice to visit when we have the chance. Trust me whenever I have a chance to go to the spa (which is not that often) it’s my bar at the end of the world. One of my favorite lyrics in the song is, “You’ve ever been and we’ll write your name on a dollar bill. Put it on a wall it’ll still be there. Next time we come back girl, to the bar at the end of the world.”

Take a listen