Do You Even Know What Your Name Means?

Ever asked your parents why they named you the name you have? I asked my mom when I was in grade school. She said, “Well Rose is from you Great Aunt Rosie and Anna is your Grandma’s name. Put those two names together and you get Roseanna. It’s nice knowing the reason behind it. I dug a little deeper online and came across this website Urban Dictionary where you can find a detailed description of your name and what it means. This is what mine read.


When she loves she loves so deep. She has a very big heart. She is very sweet, sexy, an amazing kisser and very compassionate. She is an amazing lover and absolutely breathtaking. Although she sometimes has a hard time seeing the ones that love her the most. She tries to make everyone happy and often wears herself down. She does not let to see others go without and will do everything she can to help. She is one of the most amazing women you will ever come in contact with.
Roseanna, angel
                 Just remember that. 😉