I Did BLANK for the First Time, and LOVED It!

Found this clip on Youtube, Grandma on a Rollercoaster that just made me SMILE! So carefree she is and enjoying every minute of the ride! The question popped in my head asking myself, ” What did I do for the first time, and loved it?” After thinking for a minute or two I am just like grandma, it was riding the Blue Streak at Cedar Point for the first time. I always went to Cedar Point every year since¬† I was five and could ride. The year I could officially ride an “Adult roller coaster” was when I was seven and riding the blue streak with my dad.

Wind in my face, nerves hitting as we were going up, and looking over Lake Erie was a moment of pure excitement! From that moment on I have always been a roller coaster junkie. I make it a tradition to go once a year and it’s usually with my cousin Arika just to go and be KIDS for a day! Do you remember the first time you’ve done something, and loved it ever since?