02/20/17 Music Crush Monday

Ever had a moment where you see somebody you would like to say hi to, but your feet turns to concrete and you can’t move? On top of that, you see somebody else swoop in and do what you wanted to do. That’s what Justin Moore’s song, “Somebody Else Will” sings about. Written by Kelly Archer, Adam Hambrick, and Tebey Ottoh. The song sings about a guy getting the nerve to speak to a girl before someone else does.
We all have certain moments in life to take a chance. The chance to have the nerve to speak to someone. The chance to interview for your dream job or making to right play to score the winning game. Somehow “chance” gets tangled up by “fear.” Reasons, why we can’t walk up to someone or score the basket, is how fear plays in our mind. Your mind wonders into the thought that if you do take a chance and that moment fails we feel we are failures. That’s the last thing we want.
What happens when we do take that chance and it comes out right?
How would you feel then?