Music Crush Monday 02/27/17

Have you ever dated someone opposite of Mr. Right? Someone who burnt dinner. Who was awkward around your folks and always tripped over their shoelaces? Somehow though all that you still find something charming about them. I think of Shelton and Amy from the TV show Big Bang Theory when I heard Brett Eldredge new song, “Somethin’ I’m Good At.” Written by Eldredge and Tom Douglas it’s an upbeat song with its quirky lyrics.

You can see a lot of fun personality from Brett in this song. It shows though the lyrics and his music video which you can watch below. This song makes me think of my husband. How he loves to make a mess in the kitchen only to make a fantastic dish for me. One of his ways to make me smile and shows how much he loves me. That’s what I find interesting about this song. Out of chaos, something wonderful happens.