Music Crush Monday 04/03/17

When I had my heart broke from someone who I thought I would be with I felt love at that time was a lost cost for me. Finding someone was light years away. You go in a slump. You want to be on a couch eating potato chips and French onion dip watching the Notebook over and over. You go through many emotions during that time of being sad, angry, and even jaded.
 With Marren Morris’s latest single, “I Could Use a Love Song” speaks to those feelings. Written by Morris, Laura Veltz, and Jimmy Robbins makes the girl in the song go back in time to where she was hopeful of love and not so frustrated. You don’t want to be that cliché of being one big mope. You want to feel like you can get over it and move on in life. Like brushing the dirt off your shoulder.
What we find is that it’s not easy to do. Why? We are human and we have emotions that we can’t control. My cousin Lynne gave me excellent advice over this breakup. She said time is the cure. Go through your emotions and one day you will wake up not thinking about him. It’s true. Time does heal.