Music Crush Monday 04/17/17

If you ever fell in love and been broken up with or you lost someone so close it’s hard to breathe this song is for you. Miranda Lambert’s latest single “Tin Man” takes what you are feeling and puts them into words. Least that’s what I felt when I listened to it for the first time. The song was written by Lambert, Jon Randall, and Jack Ingram which was inspired by Kenny Chesney’s 1994 Tin Man song. We all say it’s hard to put what we feel in words but Miranda mastered it. 
When we are vulnerable to heartbreak we can’t move. We stare at a wall or out a window waiting for a sign to come along. We’re fragile to where a gust a wind could break us. I guess that’s why an armor would come into play. To protect us or make us feel stronger with it. Wish I had that song when I was going through my heart breaks back in the day. Sometimes we need someone or something to relate to of what we are feeling. This song taps into our heart and makes us feel. It’s the true power of song.