Why Radio?

Once in awhile meeting new people and working in radio I get asked a common question, “What made you go into radio?” There are two parts to this question. 1) I love to be around people and have a great time! Just to bring a smile to someone’s face (even if it’s saying something dumb) brings pure happiness to mine. 2) THE MUSIC! It’s a very cliché answer but it’s very true. Music plays an important role in how I live.

The only way I can remember how music entered my life was by cleaning. Yes, cleaning. My mother who you can think of as a Danny Tanner from the TV show “Full House” is very big into cleaning and having things a certain way. Every Saturday was a routine for me. Get up, eat breakfast, gather the rugs, shake them, clean the bathrooms, pick up the bedroom, etc. My mom who knew I dreaded every ounce of cleaning found a way for me to say motivated about cleaning and dare I say….. ENJOY cleaning, was cranking up the stereo and listening to music.

Mom had this cassette box set of “Rock N’ Roll from the 50s, 60s, and 70s.” I would listen to a mix of great oldies like “Stop in the name of Love” by The Supremes,”Chantilly Lace” by the Big Bopper, “Surfer Girl” by the Beach Boys, and “Rock around the Clock” by Bill Haley. All of these songs made me sing and dance as I was wiping down the mirrors in the bathroom. It took away the “I feel like I have been cleaning FOREVER” to  just having a good time listening to songs.  From then on music always was there to set the mood of how I was feeling and living. If it was to raise my spirits, have a good time, make me cry, or keep me company when I would feel alone its right there.