A Little Mail Goes A Long Way

Earlier this year, we featured a story in “The Good Stuff” about a World War II Veteran that was heartbroken because he didn’t get very many cards for his birthday. It seem his friends had passed away, or just stopped writing over the years, so when he went to the mailbox, he didn’t find much. His family posted about it, and within a few days, more than 100,000 cards and letters arrived at his door, and he found great joy in reading them all.

It was a great story, and today YOU can help participate in a similar letter drive for another hero.

On April 17th, a World War II Veteran named Recil Toxel will turn 93 years old, and he wants a gift from you.

Recil loves getting mail, and for his birthday, his family said that he just wants a card from everyone. That means YOU have a chance to help make his birthday a great one!

Here’s how you can participate:

  1. Grab a card
  2. Write a note for Recil inside
  3. Address it to Recil Troxel, 2684 North Highway 81 Marlow, Oklahoma 73055
  4. Drop it in a mailbox
  5. Feel great about making someone’s day!

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