Back To School In Style 2019

The world could use a few more Logan Fenstermakers, and that’s why he won our “Back To School In Style” contest this year.

Today was the first day of Logan’s 5th grade year at Arlington, and our friends at LaRiche Chevrolet-Cadillac set us up with a beautiful Camaro Convertible so that the first day of school would be one Logan would remember for a long time. We got SO MANY emails nominating Logan for the prize this year, and I thought I want to share some of them with you:


Logan is a remarkable young man whose maturity and disposition are well beyond his 10 years of age. This summer, Logan suffered from a life-altering tragedy. Rather than getting upset, or angry (which no one would have blamed him for) his reaction was quite the opposite. He accepted the accident and took the repercussions in great stride and strength. Even as an adult, I’m not sure I would have responded as well as what Logan did. I recall an instance that I believe is a prime example of his character: Prior to one of his surgeries the doctors said to Logan “You’re very brave, and you need to stay strong and keep being brave so other kids can look up to you and be as brave as you.” He responded, “Don’t say that. I don’t want any other kids to not feel like they’re not being brave, or that they need to be anything other than what they are.”

I’m not sure where he gets it from. As his uncle, I may be biased, but I often find myself looking up to someone much younger (and shorter) than me.

This opportunity would mean the world to Logan. Going back to school, he’s worried that folks will look at him and treat him differently. I can only imagine how meaningful this would be to him, to have something to look forward to and make this daunting experience into a positive one.


Logan is my grandson, and unfortunately he had an accident just as school was getting gout. Logan is a very thoughtful and caring person, and at one of his appointments the doctor,  he was talking to a man who was there because he had scratched his cornea and was complaining how bad it hurt. During Logan’s appointment with his doctor, he left the room and went out and gave the man his extra eye patch. He has always been one to help people out. I think giving him a ride the first day of school would really lift his spirits. Thank you.


Logan has the biggest heart and best spirit. Early this summer he and some friends had an accident and Logan lost the vision in his right eye. He has been such a trooper and always concerned with how other people are feeling. He’s undergone 3 surgeries just this summer along with 2 weeks of facedown time and more of both to come. Due to the circumstances Logan has not been able to have an active summer and he found out the other day that he cannot participate in gym or recess once school starts. He is just a WONDERFUL little boy and really deserves something fun and happy after a really yucky summer!


I would like to nominate Logan to get the special ride to school on Arlington’s first day. Logan began his long summer June 3. He was playing with neighbors when he had an accident. He had surgery right away and has multiple surgeries throughout the summer to be able to only see light and hand motions but thankful he can keep his eye. Plans for summer full of camps were quickly canceled and he had to keep his head face down for weeks. Through all this he has a huge heart and recently gave a man having troubles in the waiting room his extra eye patch. He has amazing strength and courage and still thinks of others even after going through this experience at 10. Logan has an amazing brother Lucas that has stuck by his brothers side, has read with him and played video games, helping him see things when he can’t with his own eye. Holding his hand when he walked and hugging him when the struggle hurts so bad. Logan will have lots of kids around him when he starts back to school since this happened right after school ended so I think a ride in style would be amazing for Logan. I’m sure I could add so much more about this amazing family.


I got to spend some time with Logan and his brother this morning as I drove them to school on the first day, and I was just blown away by Logan’s positive attitude, and that’s not all. His brother, Lucas, was right there by his side as we took photos and more, and I get the feeling that he was right by Logan’s side all during a difficult Summer as well.

As the music played and the teachers (including many retirees) greeted the students walking into the school, both boys shook my hand, called me sir (!?!) and thanked me for the opportunity. Eventually, I got my jaw off the floor long enough to thank them as well. This morning’s time with these kids truly made my day, and I hope you’ll find a laugh and a smile in the video below.

Have a great year, Logan (and Lucas!) and thanks for just being you. Keep it up.