Battling Coronavirus With Christmas Cheer?

I thought, in my house, we were just too busy, too cold, or frankly too lazy. Turn out we’re geniuses!

Here’s why: Trending across social media right now is the concept of cranking up the holiday cheer machine. I don’t mean Christmas Cheer the beverage, although that’d be alright too, I mean that feeling that you get around the holidays.

It started with Lane Grindle, who’s a broadcaster for the Milwaukee Brewers:

Then, people started doing it, posting photos, and it started to gain some traction. Across the country, lights have been going up. Lots of people say their kids have asked about it as something to do, one mom says her 10-year old son made it a project to take on while he’s home from school. She said that just hearing bad news all the time is taking a toll on mental health, and now is a great time to start looking outside yourself. She said the lights are a small gesture, and she hopes that people who are working through this difficult time will drive by and get a smile for a moment.

There’s more too! starting tomorrow, the Hallmark Channel will air a Countdown To Christmas marathon, featuring 27 original holiday movies.

How can you miss, with “A Christmas Detour” in March?!


YES! Here I thought we were just too overwhelmed with the rest of our lives to spend the time taking down our Christmas lights, because those puppies are mostly still up. Turns out we’re just geniuses, on the cutting edge of The Good Stuff! Now, they haven’t been turned on because, well frankly we were kind of embarrassed that they were still up in March, but what the heck, I say crank ‘em up!