Bluffton Community Day

Our Community Day in Bluffton this year was pretty incredible. Not only was the weather absolutely beautiful, but the compassion and enthusiasm from the community itself was a wonderful thing to witness, as well. Every single person Big Dave, Rex Howard, and myself talked to truly loves Bluffton, and didn’t hesitate to let us know why. They told us that not only is Bluffton a great village for families, both young and old, but it’s also a wonderful place for students of all ages to thrive.

The people we spoke with also said how safe they feel in Bluffton, and how beautiful it looks year round. More than anything, thought, people said they loved the sense of community in Bluffton, that everyone looked out for one another, and helped those in need. I saw this first hand at the Bluffton Family Recreation during my live broadcast. The people at the front desk knew every single person that walked in, and if they didn’t, they welcomed them and got to know them. People asked questions, joked, and caught up with one another. It was truly wonderful to see that in a world of craziness and differing opinions, there are still communities of understanding and togetherness. Bluffton is definitely one of those communities.

Thank you so much to Bluffton Recreation Center for welcoming me. It was wonderful to meet all of you and find out why you love Bluffton!

Can’t wait to see you all next year, go Pirates!