Brett Eldredge‘s Travels Take Him To His ‘Favorite Place’

If you keep up with Brett Eldredge on social media then you know he’s quite the traveler. When he’s not on the road, he likes to take vacations to various locales around the world, most recently discovering his favorite destination thus far.

Brett tells us: [“I give every single bit of myself when I’m on the stage and when I’m on the road to the point to where I get exhausted in some ways and want to go reinspire so I kind of go to places that I can kind of just exist and disappear and so my favorite place . . . I just went on a trip to Europe. I went to Amsterdam, Berlin and Switzerland, not for work, just to go, and I feel like I grow as a person and I get just another view on life and music and really just finding myself and Switzerland really was my favorite place. If anybody was like, ‘I’m trying to find the perfect bucket list place to go . . .’ I’ve been a lot of places. So far Switzerland by far has been my favorite.”] SOUNDCUE (:46 OC: . . . been my favorite.)

Brett heads to Chicago on Saturday (July 14th) to play the Windy City Smokeout.

He’s making his way up the charts with his latest single, “Love Someone.”