C’mon Get Happy

Getting happy is hard. A friend of mine struggles with it, and her husband gave her some good advice. One day she told him she was just sad, and didn’t know what to do about it. Her husband, who by the way has the same voice as Garfield the cat, looked at her and said: “Well quit it.”

It’s not that simple though, is it? You need tools, strategies, ideas, and here’s one way to do that. Yale has a class, Psych 157, called “Psychology and The Good Life.” When they offered it for the first time last semester, it became the most popular class in the university’s 316 year history. That’s more popular even than lacrosse or yachting, which, for Yale, is a big deal.

The professor, Dr. Laurie Santos, says she thinks the class has been so popular because students want to change and be happier themselves.

So does everyone else though, right?

In fact, Dr. Santos says antidepressants are prescribed at 400 times the rate they were just 20 years ago, and that’s one of the reasons she and Yale have decided to offer the course for anyone who wants it, online, for free.  It’s called the Science of Well Being, and it’ll give students tools to work their way toward being happy. It’s a free course, and you can sign up for it here.

The folks at Yale feel they’ve found a key to happiness, and they’re sharing it with everyone, for free… that’s some good stuff for today. If you have a good stuff story, share it with me at bigdave@wkxa.com.

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