Community Days

WKXA’s Community Days are back for 2019! We’ll be back in several local communities, and we’ll spend the day for the first time in a few NEW communities too! Our goal is to learn more about the towns and villages that make our area great, and show some love to people and programs that don’t get much time in the spotlight. Of course, we spend time talking about high school sports, but it’s not often you get to hear from a school’s Jr. High Orchestra program, the Band Director, or the people who are planning the annual summer festival. We aim to bring the soul of each community through the speakers of the area’s most listened to radio station, and we do that by taking the entire station on the road for an entire day each month during our Community Day season, running now through November!

WKXA’s Community Days for 2019 are presented by The Hancock County Convention and Visitors Bureau, online at!

Thanks for all the support in Carey, Bluffton, Findlay, North Baltimore, and Mt. Blanchard/Forest! You can hear our visits on the player here—–>

Coming soon, we’re hitting the road for even MORE Community Day fun around NW Ohio! Here’s the full schedule:

Arcadia – Friday, November 1
6am-10am: Big Dave at Kathy’s Korner

10am-3pm: Carla Heaps at Kathy’s Korner – Sponsored by Cancer Patient Services

3pm-7pm: Jay Harris Arcadia High SChool – Sponsored by Buckeye Family Moving Company

Supported by:

Cancer Patient Services

Arcadia Auto

Beyond MedSpa


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