Parker McCollum Turns To Twitter To Reunite With Former Teacher

Twitter reunited Parker McCollum and one of his favorite former high school teachers. On Monday (January 23rd), he tweeted, “Sometimes I wonder what my AP Environmental Science teacher is doing now days. She was so cool. Coach Deorfler was her name. We were pretty tight in that class. Never been able to find her online. Hope she’s doin good!” A short time later, Coach Deorfler tweeted Parker back writing, “Hey Parker! It’s me, Coach Doerfler! Not teaching or coaching anymore. Just living the mom life! Would love to catch a show next time your in town! Looks like you’ve made it! Proud of you!!” 

The two continued their conversation, with Parker adding, “Coach Doerfler!!! Good to hear from you. Was talkin with the boys about CP and you crossed my mind. Glad to see you’re doin so well! Would love to have you and your family out to a show! Anytime you want!”

She let him know that her family members are fans writing, “Whenever we hear you on the radio my 4-year-old little boy says ‘hey mom, that’s your student!’ We had tickets to see you at the pavilion in October but got sick and didn’t make it. Would love to come see you at the rodeo or at Minute Maid! Thanks for the kind words.”

Parker continues on the road on February 2nd at the Palace Theatre in Columbus, OH.