Doug Jenkins Is Officially Dead To Us

If you didn’t get a chance to catch the last time Doug Jenkins was on the air as the WKXA New Director, you can hear it here. Well, you can hear MOST of it here.

In the 6am hour, the guys were reminiscing about Doug’s prowess with a mico-SD card, before being interrupted by He Who Wears Suits.


In the 7am hour, Big Dave displayed his own technical prowess by neglecting to actually record anything. It sounded like this: ——–


Then, in the 8am hour, things got kinda real.


We of course thank Doug for all of his contributions to our stations during his time here. Through elections, severe weather, and many other types of breaking news, Doug worked hard to keep the community informed, and we wish him the best in his new career.

Except for Big Dave. Big Dave does NOT wish him the best, in fact, Big Dave would just as soon not know Doug Jenkins.