Bachelor Nation Tea: Clare Crawley + Dale Moss Got Married & Edible Controversy

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss got married in secret over the weekend, according to fan theories. Celeb gossip account @deuxmoi posted the first report, with reports from tipster. 

The first claim simply said “Clare and Dale are married. They did it in ‘secret’ but filmed it with a small crew and serious NDA. Negotiating with print outlet to coincide with streaming wedding special.” Meanwhile, the second tipster confirmed this report, saying “Yes Clare and Dale are married,” and adding that the couple hope to have babies “ASAP.”

The pair have not denied or confirmed the reports, but fans have also spotted Moss wearing a wedding ring. 


Meanwhile, Bachelorette Katie Thurston is responding to critics of her for posting about a marijuana-infused edible. 

“I just took an edible, laying on the floor of my living room surrounded by responsibilities, all while listening to medication music on Spotify. And how are you?” the former Bachelorette, 30, wrote on Twitter Sunday. 

One user commented: “Not a very good role model to the younger viewers of @bachnation.” 

Thurston wrote: “Because I’m consuming a legal drug at a legal age within a legal state?”

Others were more supportive, writing: “You are my person! Edibles, meditation music, zoning out avoiding responsibilities…..sorry Blake, I’d like to steal your girl and be her BFF,” referencing Thurston’s fiancé from her season of The Bachelorette, Blake Moynes.