Bob Odenkirk Feels ‘Great’ After His Heart Attack Last Year

Bob Odenkirk told Page Six recently that he feels “great” after suffering a heart attack on the set of Better Call Saul in July 2021. “I got two stents, a tiny part of my heart is made of metal, and I feel good,” he said.

Odenkirk collapsed on set and was shocked with a defibrillator three times. He was then rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery.

The Breaking Bad star said he didn’t “remember anything” about the incident. “It was scary to [co-star Rhea Seehorn] and Patrick Fabian, who was standing right there when it happened, and everybody else, the whole crew who came around. They were utterly freaked out, but I can’t recall anything,” he said.

As for shooting the final season of Better Call Saul, Odenkirk said, “I was emotional, yeah, we cried. The show has been such a snowball of ongoing effort and big effort, and I’ve done this character for 12 years, so in a weird way, as big as that last scene was, I won’t really start to say a big goodbye to this show until I watch the final episode.”