Rebel Wilson Confirms She Lost Her Virginity At 35 To Actor Mickey Gooch Jr.

Rebel Wilson has disclosed that she lost her virginity at the age of 35 to actor Mickey Gooch Jr., according to her memoir Rebel Rising. Wilson confirmed that Gooch was the first person to read her book. Opening up about her experience, Wilson explained that her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis influenced her decision, leading her to embrace life and take the plunge. Wilson also shared that she prepared by watching pornography and using a vibrator. “I’d imagine having sex and being intimate and everything would always be in my head,” she wrote. “Now I’m someone who lives much more in my body. And I’m loving it. While Wilson and Gooch eventually split after a few months of dating, Wilson’s intention was to inspire others by including this anecdote in her memoir, reassuring readers that there is no set timeline for losing one’s virginity.