Ryan Reynolds And Amy Smart Reunite For ‘Just Friendsgiving’ Commercial

Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart celebrated the 18th anniversary of their 2005 film Just Friends by reuniting for a “sequel.” The pair reprised their roles for a holiday-themed Aviation American Gin ad.

“I’m sorry. Can we cut? That was a big reaction,” Smart says to Reynolds at one point, breaking character, when he expresses disappointment that her bar ran out of Aviation American Gin.

“Well it’s been 18 years, you know. I think the characters have changed a bit, so I started playing it like that in my head,” he replies.

Smart later “realizes” she isn’t just filming a reunion but rather a commercial. “So this is a stupid ad for your gin company?” she asks him.

“Well, let’s not rush to judgment before all the facts are in. I mean, this is a self-funded sequel predicated on a loose interpretation of IP law so in effect—yes, it is an ad for my Aviation American Gin,” he says.