Eric Church Heads To Shawshank For New Video

Eric Church finds himself behind bars in the just-released video for his new song, “Some Of It,” and his surroundings might look familiar to you.

The video shows Church taking the long walk to his cell at the Mansfield State Reformatory, perhaps better known as the prison featured in The Shawshank Redemption. While he’s there, his daughter sneaks him parts of a guitar, which other inmates shuttle to Church’s cell for assembly. What stands out to me is how strange it seems to see Eric Church without his signature shades!

I also learned something new from the video, which confirms something I’ve long suspected: I like something about Eric Church’s band. I saw them open for Kenny Chesney a few years ago, and I remember thinking it felt like a rock show, and now I have a little bit of an idea why that is. Jeff Cease (the guy with the REALLY long goatee) plays guitar for Eric Church, which is significant because he was also the original lead guitarist in The Black Crowes. He played on their first album Shake Your Moneymaker, which is the tape that I WORE OUT on a drive to Washington, DC with my dad in 1993. That’s a LOT of information, but know you know a little more about Eric Church’s band, AND me!

Here’s the video: