Findlay-Hancock County Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards

The Findlay-Hancock County Chamber of Commerce has announced its Small Business Award winners for 2019.

A variety of well-deserving businesses and individuals were recognized, Legacy Lawn & Pet, which won the Customer Service Champion of the Year award.

“I preach customer service every day to my employees, and my former boss preached the same thing to me that customer service is what will separate us from other businesses,” said manager Matt McGuire, who accepted the award. (pictured below)

He says you have to get good at feeling out customers, to see if they need help finding something or if they just want to be left alone to shop by themselves.

McGuire says he’s been with Legacy Farmers for 17 years.

The Small Business of the Year award for 2019 went to HEAPY. (pictured above)

The Small Business Person of the Year award was presented to Andrew Yates of Yates Management.

See the full list of winners here.

Findlay-Hancock County Chamber of Commerce