Garage Sales During A Pandemic…Is It Safe?

To say I’m a garage sale enthusiast is quite an understatement. I would say I’m more of an aficionado on the subject. They bring me so much joy, and I’ve gone to quite a few to know what it takes to get the most for  your money (if you need some tips, I can make a separate post about that!).

When mentions of lock downs and quarantine started happening in March, I have to admit, wondering if garage sales would happen this Summer crossed my mind quite a few times. I thought, well, it could go either way…either everyone is going to have a garage sale since they have time to go through their homes, figure out what they don’t want, and make back a little money they may have lost due to Coronavirus, or no one will have a garage sale because they either won’t be allowed to or no one will want to have strangers near their home. Well now that it’s Summer, the verdict is in…tons of people are having garage sales this Summer, and I’m loving every minute of it!

When you’re driving through town and you see a yard sale sign, you’ve probably wondered if it’s safe to go. Will you be able to social distance? Is it okay for me to bring something into my home that was in a stranger’s home? I’m happy to say the answer is YES, but, it does require some extra (easy!) steps.

1.) Social distance and wear a mask, if possible. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands after you leave!

2.) If you buy something, try to keep it in your car for a few days. If you bought a candle, that might not be the best idea in this heat, but if whatever you bought won’t melt or be completely ruined, let the heat kill off any germs that could be on the product.

3.) Before you bring it into your home, sanitize and disinfect what you bought. An easy spray of Lysol or a once over with a disinfecting wipe should do the trick. For clothes, I hand wash them outside, then bring them inside and put them right in the washer. For dishware, I’ll disinfect it outside, then bring it in and hand wash and dry them.

I’ve been able to talk to many of the people running garage sales this Summer (safely, of course) and have heard their stores about what 2020 has been like so far from them. It’s been a learning experience, and one I’m very happy about. Who knew that looking for Halloween decorations would teach me so much about life and my community?!

More than anything, I hope you continue to be safe and do what makes you feel most comfortable. If staying away from garage sales eases your mind, no problem…online garage sales exist, too! If getting out and cautiously going to a few garage sales is something you feel comfortable doing, then go for it! Have fun, and enjoy your treasures!

Happy shopping!