Hanging With Austin on Community Day

This whole thing started with a donut, which, let’s be honest with each other, is how a lot of good stories start.  Friday was national donut day, and 6-year-old Austin was out with his nana with one mission: obtain a donut. They stopped by my broadcast at Great Scot downtown on Friday morning, and of course, I had donuts because I’m me. (Thanks Dave Morrow.)

So Austin and I sat down to share some deliciousness, and we talked a little. I put him on the air with me, and it was fun. Afterward, his nana took his hand and walked away, but that wasn’t the last I’d see of Austin on Friday.

Fast forward a few hours to Boogie on Main. I was on stage with the t-shirt launcher, doing my best to distribute t-shirts with authority while avoiding pumping them into trees or windows. I had gotten rid of all the shirts I brought, and as I was walking off the stage, I mom was walking a crying little boy over. He was very upset because one of his friends had gotten a shirt, but he missed out. And it only took a second for me to recognize that it was Austin. Now, if you’ve ever dealt with a crying person, you know that it’s kinda like dealing with a person who’s on fire… it’s all hysterics and your job is to ignore everything else and just try to put them out. The trouble was, I was out of shirts, and out of options. As I was down on a knee with him trying to get him to laugh, up walked a grown-up who had scored a shirt.

Now I don’t know this man, but I see him at EVERYTHING. He’s an older guy, mustache, and I see him at every Rally In The Alley, very Street Feast, Boogie On Main, you name it. He’s got his challenges for sure, but he’s always there to talk about bands, and he was right down front while I was handing out shirts. Despite the fact that he’s at everything, this was the first time he had been able to catch one of our shirts, but when he saw little Austin, he did something that just made me feel good about life.

He walked up, kinda winked at me, and said “Hey Dave, I think I got a kid’s shirt, this one looks like it belongs to a little boy,” and then he handed it to Austin.

Instantly the tears stopped, and Austin hugged the man. And I thought… there’s some good stuff happening right here. It’s not some big over the top gesture, but it’s just one of those little stories that remind you that most people really are good.

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                                                   Austin making his radio debut                               Austin hanging out at Boogie On Main