Happy Birthday

You can make sure EVERYONE knows about the birthday you’re celebrating when you send it in for Big Dave to mention!

Each weekday at 8:50am, Big Dave runs down the list of local birthdays for the day, and one winner each day will score a free Polymer Pro Car Wash from Car Wash USA Express with 2 locations in Findlay. Plus, we’ll take everyone under age 15 each week and draw a name to win free pizza from Campus Pollyeyes. Just make sure he knows about YOUR birthdays by shooting them to birthdays@wkxa.com, and then listen each weekday morning at 8:50am to hear who wins!

Did you win? Congrats! You can stop by our studios at 551 Lake Cascades Parkway in Findlay any weekday between 8am-5pm to pick up your prize. Happy Birthday!

August 7: Lyle & Cathy Kessler
August 8:
Rob Burner
August 9:
William Smalley
August 10: 
Albert Thomas
Pizza Winner For This Week:
Macy Oman

August 13:
August 14: Lisa Butler


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