My Current Earworm

I know the term earworm doesn’t sound too appealing, but it’s actually a great thing! It’s a song or jingle that you simply can’t get out of your head, no matter how hard you try. My current earworm is Keith Urban’s latest single, “Never Coming Down”.

I’ve always appreciated Keith Urban and his music. You can tell he genuinely loves being a musician, and he’s extremely talented.  Am I the biggest Keith Urban fan in the world? No…but my level of fandom has gone up since hearing this song. There’s just something about it that instantly caught my attention. My energy immediately goes up the second the chorus hits, and even though it’s a new song, it takes me to a certain place in time. When I’m in the studio and we play this song, I crank it up and it truly makes me feel good. This song is the audio equivalent of Vitamin D. It puts energy into your life, it makes you feel good, and it’s bright and sunny (just go with me on this).

One of the other appealing aspects of this song to me is that it makes me feel young, which I think we can all agree, is a great thing! It’s all about being irresponsible, but in a non-destructive way.

Just let your hair down for the night, and enjoy life.

I think we could all benefit from that.