Our Hearts Will Go On

They say all good things must come to an end, but that seems to be true for things that are just okay sometimes too.

Doug Jenkins recently announced that he’s making a career change, and he’ll be leaving the radio station next Wednesday, so we decided to take it as an opportunity to sift through his 8+ year career here at WFIN/WKXA/106.3 The Fox and pull out those incredible moments of audio that define Doug’s career.

We found just over a minute of stuff.

If you didn’t catch the announcement this morning along with our rendition of “Doug’s Greatest Hits,” you can give it a listen below.

We’ll have fun on the air until Wednesday, June 5th. Feel free to call and heap the love on Doug. After June 5th, if you see him, punch him in the face. He’ll know who it’s from.