Persistent Rain Swells Blanchard River And Eagle Creek In Findlay

The National Weather Service has issued Flood Warnings for the Blanchard River and Eagle Creek in Findlay, as well as the Blanchard River in Ottawa.

The Flood Warning for the Blanchard River in Findlay goes from Saturday night to Monday morning.

Moderate flooding is anticipated, as the river is forecast to rise to around 12 feet by Sunday afternoon, that’s one foot above flood stage.

The river will fall back below flood stage by early Monday.

At 12 feet water impacts River Street and Apple Alley on the west side of Findlay, Blanchard Street between Sandusky and Main Cross, and several streets south of Clinton Court near Riverside Park.

There is also a Flood Warning for Eagle Creek in Findlay that goes through Sunday morning.

Flood stage is 9 feet and the creek is anticipated to rise to around 10 feet Saturday night, before falling back below flood stage on Sunday.

At 10 feet water from Eagle Creek will impact portions of South Blanchard Street, Brookside Drive, Fremont and Graceland Streets. The intersections of Beechmont Drive with Fairmont and Rosemont Drives flood.

And there is also a Flood Warning for the Blanchard River in Ottawa.

In addition to the flooding threat, there will also be a High Wind Warning in effect Saturday night into Sunday morning with winds of 30 miles per hour, gusting up to 60 mph.

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