Scotty McCreery Says Puppy Has ‘Rocked Our World’

Scotty McCreery‘s new best friend and four-legged companion is his yellow lab, Moose. Scotty and his wife, Gabi, became parents to the puppy a few months ago and have fallen head over heels in love. Scotty tells us: [“Moose is my little buddy. (I) love that guy, and he’s rocked our world in the best way possible, and he’s just all love. If you get off the couch and walk in the kitchen he’s following you. Like, he’ll follow you anywhere, always wants to cuddle and this is technically Gabi’s dog and I’m gonna get my bulldog in a couple years, but Gabi’s had the name Moose in the back of her mind for a few years now. I don’t there’s any rhyme or reason. It’s just she thought it was a cute dog name.”] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . cute dog name.)

Moose recently made his very first visit to Nashville where Scotty and Gabi have a condo, while their primary residence remains in Raleigh, NC. Scotty shared pictures on his social media pages, as well as Moose’s own Instagram page, which now boasts a following of nearly 36,000 followers.