Sean Williams

In an ever competitive music town, Sean Williams manages to consistently deliver a distinctive cutting edge sound. Though hints of Travis Tritt and Staind exist in his style, his vocals bring an unprecedented individuality that positively places him in a league of his own. With powerful lyrics and high energy melodies, his country rock tone lures in listeners everywhere he goes. By all outer appearances, Williams appears to fit right into the country genre, but his rock n’ roll roots undeniably run deep.

Williams made his mark all across the Northwest Ohio music scene, before furthering his career in Nashville. Growing up, he was musically inspired by his father and grandmo12345523_10100237259728401_1681352563514818733_nther. His natural gift was discovered soon after receiving his first guitar, and his gift turned into passion. In addition to guitar, Williams also plays bass, piano, drums and ukulele.

“It just felt like a natural thing. It was in the genes,” recounts Williams.

He began his musical journey with classic rock songs, but soon found himself influenced by Conway Twitty and Merle Haggard. Playing four to five nights a week, Williams worked tirelessly as a solo performer. Subsequently, he developed a loyal fan base, which resulted in packed bars across the state. He has opened up for national touring artists such as Jon Pardi, Josh Thompson, Canaan Smith, Jason Michael Carroll, Moonshine Bandits, Dallas Moore Band, Natalie Stovall & The Drive, Matt Mason and Clark Manson just to name a few.11846769_10153164461028983_1217234890594432924_n

“Deep down it feels like something I’m meant to do, and it’s the way people react to it. It’s kind of a natural high for me,” said Williams.

Off the stage, Williams has continued to hone his songwriting craft. Whether he’s singing a cruise-worthy jam or a heart-wrenching ballad, he has the ability to connect with a diverse crowd of people. He draws songwriting inspiration from those around him. He brings an upbeat party, but knows how to slow it down with a tear-jerker story song, all in one show.

In the fall of 2015, Williams released his first ever EP entitled, “We Are Country.” The six song collection which he wrote all himself showcases his prolific songwriting catalog.

“I’m a life-lesson song kinda guy. I like to go outside the box,” said Williams.

Now, settled in Music City, he anticipates his musical future. As humble as he is talented, he remembers where he got his start, and who brought him to where he is today. With encouragement from those around him and upcoming shows on the horizon, Sean Williams looks forward to making a much larger impact in the Nashville industry.